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Want a College Degree? The University of Minnesota State Mankato Can Help

When considering where you want to continue your education after high school, keep in mind that the University of Minnesota State Mankato is second in college rankings with a total enrollment of 15,547, and it continues to increase. As of this year, Minnesota State is only behind St. Cloud State as the largest institution of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

Minnesota State Mankato Is Growing In Attendance. So, what gives?

Whether you receive a college scholarship or you have to pay for tuition and classes out of your own pocket, we all face the same dilemma. Choosing a college can be difficult. You have to make the tough decision of where you’ll attend the next 4 years of your life, as well as where you’ll receive an education that will set you up for a career that will last you a lifetime.

Minnesota State is a well-known and respected institution. The school has a strong and rich history, dating back to when it was founded in 1868. The school is known for being the first public college in the United States to be headed by a woman, Julia Sears, in 1872. Mankato offers many different courses and career paths, as well as a campus that’s student friendly and maintained in great condition.

MSU Campus

Minnesota State is experiencing a high demand of incoming students each year, and it’s because of this that Mankato has been forced to expand. Located at 7700 France Avenue South in Edina, Minn. lies the satellite campus of Minnesota State that’s only 3-years-old but is growing larger every year. There were about 420 students attending the Edina location when it first opened in 2008 and now there are nearly 700 students, and officials project that the enrollment will continue to increase by 10 percent annually. Up until this fall Minnesota State leased a total of 12,271 square feet of  space, but now the campus has expanded to 27,000 square feet after some renovations were made in order to withstand the increase in student population.


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  1. Ellen Mrja
    December 7, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    We are not the University of Minnesota State Mankato.
    We are Minnesota State University, Mankato. Big difference. Factual error.
    This does not read like a news story. It’s a PR piece. Your job was to rewrite it using SEO terms and suggesting a multimedia element.
    Your SEO terms would never get me to this story. You don’t mention MSU, Mankato. Edina.
    Mankato. +5/10 Review all the rules of scanning, too. Use bullets and don’t use all of these statistics.

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